PD Football

How can PD Football Help?

Research consistently shows the importance of regular, intense aerobic exercise for people with Parkinson’s and playing football is an enjoyable way to do this.

There is an established Parkinson’s football club in Cardiff. Training takes place weekly and new members are welcome. There is a small weekly charge for the cost of the venue.

Everyone is familiar with football but what is walking football?

Walking football was invented, generally, for people who are, over 50 years of age who wish to continue playing the ‘beautiful game’. It has been incredibly successful and participation is growing rapidly - there are people playing the sport all over the world. In Walking Football you can 'walk' as fast as you want (one foot must be in contact with the floor at all times). it is a non-contact sport.

Date and Time

Every Monday at 7pm


 Vale Sports Arena, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF11 8TW


For more information contact

Antony Evans - tel. 07887 735390 or Neil O’Toole - tel 07860 647367